Blueprint Network

The Blueprint Healthcare Network is a dynamic platform that incorporates all phases of marketing that creates a “call to action.”  Creative television and radio ads, media placement, custom landing pages, and a full compliment of SEO all come together to form the Blueprint Healthcare Network.

Television and radio ads showcase a variety of informative and educational scripts highlighting certain conditions.  Each ad is personalized with the individual doctor and phone number as a “call to action” format that will increase patient volume for the specific practice.  Media placement is key in getting the message across to the consumer and the Network uses a variety of media buyers nationwide to ensure the lowest cost per spot with the maximum amount of household exposure.

The Blueprint Healthcare Network doctors now have the use of a national advertising agency at their disposal, free of charge.  All practices will have their own buyers to negotiate any type of media which eliminates endless sales people calling and dropping by the practice.  Our goal is to negotiate the lowest price on all media platforms with our expertise in all avenues nationwide.

The Blueprint Healthcare Network was created to help generate targeted local leads for our doctors.  Leads will start to flow in as we continue to rank higher and higher for our cities and spotlight the specific conditions of neuropathy, weight loss, knee pain, metabolic wellness and future niches.  Ranking locally coupled with informative video is a winning combination.  In addition to local media placement, your videos will be on a multitude of platforms:  YouTube, Facebook, Blueprint Healthcare Network and, if you want, can even be placed on your website.

UMG Advertising has one goal which is to leverage our expertise and maximize your patient conversions under the umbrella of the Blueprint Healthcare Network.